As a leading solar energy solutions provider, it’s SOLON’s responsibility to not only be experts in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, but also have expertise in integrating and controlling complementary technologies, such as energy storage and microgrid solutions, grid support solutions, and providing turnkey projects including EV Chargers and LED lighting.

SOLON offers battery energy storage systems to help customers reduce utility bills even further than what can be achieved with solar alone. Each customer is unique in that some can save a substantial amount of money with energy storage and others not. SOLON optimally designs solutions that provide our customers with the greatest monetary value and reliability. When done in conjunction with the efficient solar projects offered by SOLON, there is even greater savings potential with energy storage, as well as the added piece of mind that backup power provides during a grid power outage.

Questions about energy storage? SOLON’ extensive experience ensures you receive thorough and accurate answers to all your questions.

Many customers are choosing to install EV Chargers in conjunction with solar parking canopy construction. SOLON can provide the necessary electrical infrastructure to facilitate the installation of EV Chargers, and upon request, can recommend equipment options to meet your needs.

SOLON includes a standard package of energy-efficient LED lighting installed under solar parking canopies to provide safety lighting in parking lots, and under solar superstructures to increase nighttime visibility for sporting and community events. Enhanced lighting packages are available based on your specific needs.