Case Studies

Golder Ranch Fire District

High clearance solar canopies provide shaded work areas for firefighters and maintenance crews.

In addition to providing shaded parking for personnel, high clearance solar canopies are used to shade fire trucks and… (read more)

Sahuarita WWTP

Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are large consumers of electricity, making them ideal candidates for cost-saving solar energy.

A unique aspect of this project was its location within a 100-year floodplain; SOLON’s in-house engineering team worked with the Town to design a solar project that would comply with… (read more)
Solar Superstructures

Vail USD Solar Superstructures

Nine superstructures were installed, creating a total of 126,770 sq. ft. of multipurpose usage areas.

With average clearance heights of 22 feet, solar superstructures are well suited for basketball courts, recreation areas, work areas, large equipment areas, and many other areas that would benefit from shade… (read more)

Flowing Wells Jr. High School

Ballasted ground mount solution allowed for solar installation on otherwise unused archaeological site.

The optimum solar project location was a parcel of land owned by the District and located just north of the school. The parcel had remained unused because it lies within the boundaries of a known archaeological site called the Hodges Site. (read more…)

City of Tucson - Reid Park

Solar installations financed with zero upfront cost.

The three solar installations in Reid Park will produce 31.9 million kWh of electricity over the next 20 years and were financed with zero upfront cost. Savings began in year one, with total savings estimated at $1.8 million. (read more…)

Pima Community College

No-cost covered parking for about 750 vehicles at Northwest Campus.

The solar installation at the Northwest Campus will produce 64.3 million kWh of electricity over the next 20 years. (read more…)

Flowing Wells USD

School district will save an estimated $17.4 million on electrical bills.

Flowing Wells USD partnered with SOLON Corporation to construct 2.57 MWdc of solar at six of their schools, saving the District money, and providing shade for students and personnel. (read more…)

Town of Marana

Energy-efficient LED lamps under superstructure increase nighttime visibility for sporting events.

The solar installation at the Marana Municipal Complex alone will produce over 22.6 million kWh of electricity over the next 20 years. (read more…)