SOLON’s in-house engineering team performs or coordinates the following activities:

  • Topographical and ALTA survey
  • Geotechnical and soil corrosivity investigation
  • Public and private utility locating
  • Title and easement review
  • Zoning review
  • Draft and stamp civil, structural, and electrical plans, including:
    o Civil site plan and setbacks
    o 1-line and 3-line diagrams
    o Conduit and conductor sizing
    o Voltage drop optimization
    o Short circuit calculations
    o Equipment grounding plan
    o Equipment location and conduit routing plan
    o Interconnection design
    o Utility and AHJ labeling
    o Demolition
    o Canopy system design
    o Wind, snow and system design load calculations
    o Foundation design
    o Canopy member, connection, and hardware sizing
    o Canopy lighting design and photometrics
  • Short circuit study and arc flash analysis
  • PVsyst analysis and site optimization
  • Structural shop drawing review
  • Submit for building, electrical, and fire permits

Value Engineering

SOLON’s team uses in-house modeling software to analyze specific project requirements, resulting in a solar project that maximizes value for our clients:

— Site analysis and optimization
— Utility savings analysis/financial modeling
— Solar production modeling
— PPA proforma and optimization
— DC and AC circuit analysis